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Unitel maintains a leased facility for the fabrication of high quality modules. Good fabrication procedures and safety during fabrication are of critical importance to us. Procedures are directed at optimization of equipment arrangement, shorter schedules, cost reductions and minimization of downstream field activities. These results are achieved by efficient planning, work methods and quality workmanship. Unitel is proud of our accident free record to date due to our safety policies and procedures. Once fabrication is completed, we conduct a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) prior to shipment.

Turnkey System Fabrication

Unitel maintains a leased facility for fabrication of its projects including extensive indoor and outdoor construction spaces. We have 14 welding machines, 2 scissor lifts, hydrostatic testing of up to 10,000 psi and 800 amps of available power.

Indoor facility: The facility is 30,000 sqft with a clear height of 25 feet under hook. It is equipped with a 20 ton overhead traversing crane.

An example of a project being fabricated in the indoor facility is shown below.

Outdoor facility: A 12,000 sqft concrete pad 80 ft x 150 ft. This area is readily accessible by various cranes on an as-needed basis.

An example of a project being fabricated in the outdoor area is shown below.


Our fabrication facility follows an active Quality Program to ensure that our systems meet both our internal quality standards and the requirements of our customers. We can meet the most exacting industry inspection and testing requirements.


Over the last decade, Unitel has worked over 300,000 hours without a lost time incident. Unitel also maintains a safety manual that has been accepted by several of our major customers. Unitel’s OSHA’s form 300A is filed on a quarterly basis and indicates that the company has had no work related injuries and/or illnesses to date.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Unitel conducts a FAT for all our modular systems. This may be witnesses or not-witnessed based on the client’s needs and requirements. A FAT protocol is developed for each project and agreed upon with the client at the appropriate point in the project. The objective of FAT is to confirm the mechanical and electrical functionality of the system utilizing inert media.

Preparation for Shipping and Transportation

Each modular system is carefully prepared for safe transportation based on the project requirements. We have experience preparing systems for transportation domestically and internationally whether by air or sea.

We can provide full logistical support service to arrange for our modular systems to be transported from our fabrication facility all the way to our client’s site.

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