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Feb 6, 19


New Model Offers Solutions to Overcome the Doldrums

MT. PROSPECT, ILL – (Business Wire) – Unitel Technologies   reports that its subsidiary, Frugal Heuristics, has filed a patent application titled “METHODS FOR ENHANCING THE EFFECTIVENESS AND UTILITY OF PROFESSIONAL NETWORKS.”

Development of the model (SLP – Smarter Links Protocol) and its related algorithms spanned a period of 18 months. It included two surveys of appr. 100 professionals signed up with the world’s leading company in the industry, followed by a smaller study involving the number two company in the business.

“The results of the surveys are striking but not unexpected,” says Serge Randhava, CEO of Frugal Heuristics. “Following an initial spike, akin to a typical New Year’s resolution, the average measured relative activity/interest index of the participants plunged to about 10% after 20 weeks,” he adds.

In addition to numerical findings, the patent discusses several areas of qualitative concern such as: 1) too much noise, clutter and confusion, 2) irrelevant news updates, 3) tiresome “teasers,” 4) a feeling that the participating professionals are being “dumbed down,” and many more.

The SLP model developed by Frugal Heuristics offers a radically different approach to address some of the deficiencies in current practice:

  1.   It teaches the use of a cellular architecture involving designated “hosts” with each one connected to its own network of “guests” or “invitees.”
  2.  The “invitee” structure is stratified into multiple background modes using a proprietary mathematical formula. The end result is seamless and invisible to all affected parties.
  3.  The stratification process segregates “invitees” into 3-5 categories and makes use of Pareto principles for determining exclusions and weighted inclusion factors.

The most visible benefit of the SLP model is that it provides a mechanism for raising the activity index above the “ho-hum” level. Increased and more meaningful inter-participant communication can generate a better data base for word mining and analysis by the network operator, potential employers and agencies, and advertisers on both frontal and subliminal fronts.

The SLP model can be laminated over any existing professional network without making changes to the underlying structure.

“Now it’s time to practice what we preach,” advises Serge. “In my experience over four decades, an exclusive partnership with a good strategic partner is the best option.”


Serge Randhava

Frugal Heuristics, Inc.