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Procurement policies and procedures are of significant importance for implementing a project on schedule while retaining quality. We maintain an excellent relationship with our vendors who have been prequalified on a cost and benefit criteria. Comprehensive Requests for Quotations (RFQs) are prepared to ensure that there are no misunderstandings regarding the vendors' responses. Documents are carefully managed throughout the project and finally delivered to the client.

Vendor Identification, Qualification and Selection

We have been involved in the successful engineering & fabrication of over 1,300 pilot and mini-plants. This breadth of experience has established a very powerful database of quality vendors who are specifically pertinent to meeting our customers’ requirements. We continuously evaluate our vendors to ensure that they meet our high quality standards. No compromises are afforded in this regard. Some of our preferred vendors are:

Cost and Benefit Analysis

Projects in the process industry are always confronted with the challenge of striking an appropriate balance between cost, schedule and quality. Our engineers actively investigate all options to achieve the best choice.

Unitel Technologies is always concerned about equipment cost but it is more concerned about the quality and reliability of equipment. We fully recognize that an improperly specified part can fail and shut down a million dollar pilot plant resulting in extraordinary losses to our client.

Request For Quotation (RFQ) Development

Unitel carefully prepares RFQs to ensure that the critical needs of the project are addressed in the first quotation cycle. This enables our vendors to respond rapidly and accurately with minimal interactions thus aiding to reduce the overall procurement and project schedule. An example is shown below.

Quality Assurance

Unitel Technologies employs an active Quality Control and Assurance program to ensure that all our vendors comply with applicable requirements, specifications and standards in the supply of materials for our systems. Our program is designed to ensure the procured components used in our systems meet the quality standards demanded both by Unitel and our clients. Doing it right the first time assures that Unitel can meet the schedule, budget and quality requirements.

Vendor Document Management

Unitel Technologies takes total responsibility in managing all documentation generated by our vendors from documentation requirements in the initial quotation phase through compiling final vendor data packages. All final vendor inputs, typically “As Built” documents are filed in a comprehensive Vendor Manual that is supplied to the client in electronic and/or hard copy format as required. This provides our clients with a concise and comprehensive single point record of documents associated with the procured materials supplied in our systems. Documents included in the Vendor Manual include sizing calculation sheets, calibration certifications, drawings, operating manuals, maintenance manuals, ASME Data Books, QA/QC documents and material certifications.

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