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Commissioning & Start-Up

Unitel provides installation procedures and guidelines to assist the client in installing the modules. We always provide appropriate personnel for this activity. Unitel has extensive experience in suggesting operational guidelines to ensure smooth start-ups while following the customer’s safety policies and procedures. When necessary, we participate in Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) to ensure that the system meets appropriate operational criteria.

Installation Assistance

Unitel provides an installation procedure or guideline with each system in order to provide our clients with a written systematic approach to installing the modular systems we build.

When required by the client, Unitel will send appropriate personnel to the client’s site to assist in the reassembly of the modules. Generally these modules have to be reassembled in a very systematic preprogrammed sequence, and our engineers are very familiar with these procedures.

Operating Guidelines

Where requested by our client, Unitel will create a document that outlines the operating guidelines for the system. These guidelines are developed on a best effort basis based upon our prior experience that includes several hundred projects. Our clients typically use these guidelines to develop their own internal operating procedures. We recognize that safety is paramount requirement for safe start-up, operation and shutdown of these systems.

Maintenance Guidelines

With a background of several hundreds of projects, Unitel engineers have extensive experience with the various types of equipment used in pilot plants and demonstration plants. This ranges from operating and failure modes for pumps, compressors, valves, furnaces and sensors, to name a few.

Where requested, Unitel can provide maintenance guidelines to allow our clients to develop a preventative maintenance program or mechanical integrity program for the modular system. These guidelines also provide recommendations for maintaining an inventory of parts and spares to enable effective operation of the process equipment.

Onsite Commissioning Assistance

Unitel can provide onsite commissioning and start-up assistance to our clients as needed.

Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

When requested by our client, Unitel will participate in a Site Acceptance Test. During these tests Unitel’s engineers typically oversee the test and provide operational guidance. The client’s operations personnel are responsible for operation of the system.

Performance tests are conducted based on mutually agreeable terms and conditions determined at the appropriate phase of the project.

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